Stay focused during your

Or at least less bored. Instead of zoning out during some of those unavoidable get-togethers, whether personal or professional, embrace a casual game that can help you focus. And maybe have a bit of fun, too.

Inject some excitement into your get-togethers.

You have to deal with meetings, classes, and get-togethers, but you can make them less boring.

Browser-based 💻

Your Words, Not Ours 🔤

Team Play 👥

You won't be printing out any game cards or anything weird like that. That might be cool for some retro television show but we're nothing bits and bytes and stuff. Just fire up your browser and get to playin'!

More fun for groups of people.

Add some fun, collaborative team elements into your meetings, classes, and other shared experiences with your cohorts. It can keep you more focused and attentive to the content. Or at least more entertained, which is way more important.


Watch game events as they happen.

We think it's fun to know what the other players are doing in the game as things happen. This way you can stay in sync with what's going on, both in the game and with your teammates.


Keep track the game via a scoreboard.

Traditional bingo games use connected lines or a full card to determine a winner. You can do that here if you'd like, but we found that our games lasted even after we had a "traditional bingo win" and we wanted to keep the game going. Each game shows a scoreboard of all players.

Where can I use Buzzword?

Pretty much anywhere! Any events that could use a little "spicing up" with a fun meta-game that involves what's going on at the event itself is a perfect opportunity to use Buzzword. No only that, you can create a game and keep it open for any length of time, so create a game with your friends and let it stay open for a week or two to give everyone the opportunity to really engage (or just goof off)!

  • Work
    Company meetings, both in person and remote
    Company events and gatherings
  • Friends
    Dinner parties and home gatherings
    Going out in the evening
    Organized clubs and interest groups
    Long trips and events
  • Family
    Holiday get-togethers
    Visiting relatives
  • Sports
    Watching games with your friends, in-person or remote
    Kids' in-person sporting events
  • Media
    Watching the same series and movies
    Listening to podcasts
    Watching awards shows and events

Loved by people worldwide.

We have plenty of users that love our software and use it every day. It might not be "mission critical" or whatever, but since when do businesses know what that is? People like it, that's the most important thing.

    • I would have quit by now if it wasn't for Buzzword. It's the only thing that keeps me sane during my crazy, mind-numbing daily meetings with people that don't know what they're doing. Buzzword has saved me from quitting my job so many times now...

      Unnamed Employee
      Still Employed
    • I sometimes end up going out with my husband for his football nights with his buddies. I started a Buzzword game for the other wives and I to keep track of all the weird sports stuff they do every time they get together. From the loud team chants to the weird superstitions, we have it all covered. I usually win, too. My husband's the "biggest fan". Or something.

      Happier Wife
      Still Married
    • I'd try to pay attention in my history class but I'd eventually fall asleep. The prof is a real snoozer. Now I just play Buzzword to stay awake and I'm retaining a lot more of the lectures since I actually listen now!

      Attentive Student
      High-School Valedictorian

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Why did you create this web app?

      Honestly because we wanted to play it and we couldn't find anything that gave us what we needed. Playing with paper or something like that seemed stupid, so I built this for my friends and I to play.

    • How big is the team that works on Buzzword? You must have, like, 800 developers working over there, right?

      The development team is so huge I can't even count them. Seriously, though, it's just me working on this right now.

    • What technologies did you build this thing with?

      Mostly popsicle sticks, spit, and glue. And COBOL. It's very advanced.

    • Seriously, you're not going to answer the question?

      Fine. It's a MERN stack - Mongo/Express/React/Node. The website you're reading right now was written using Svelte because why keep things simple and straightforward, right?

    • Any regrets with any of those choices?

      I do regret answering all these supposed FAQs.

    • Are you finished adding features? Is Buzzword complete?

      Hell no! I have a large list of features that'd I'd like to work on, and I'd like to continue to do so as long as I reasonably can.

    • Do real people actually frequently ask these questions?

      Let me ask you a question: what do you think?